Speak out with a community record


The community record option gives survivors and witnesses of hate & bias motivated violence in King County, WA means of having their experiences documented by other community members rather than engaging with 911 and police. The data collected allows us to coordinate awareness raising and information sharing efforts, as well as response and prevention efforts that best reflect community needs and experiences. 

All submitted community records are confidential and not connected to systems law enforcement.   

If you would like to speak to an advocate at The Northwest Network about your experience and receive support, please call us at 206-568-7777.  


Were you a victim or witness to an act of hate violence?
What setting did it happen in?
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What date did this happen?
What date did this happen?
What kind of violence did you experience or witness?
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How would you describe the motivation of the incident?
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Were police called?
Did police respond?
Were police helpful?