Our Mission


The Pink Shield Project is a program of the NW Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian, & Gay Survivor's Abuse dedicated to responding to hate & bias in King County. 

We work within a broad liberation movement dedicated to social and economic justice, equality and respect for all people and the creation of loving, inclusive and accountable communities.  

Locally, our communities have asked for non-policing, non-911 option for recording and responding to incidents of hate.  The Pink Shield Project is our answer to our community's request to be seen and supported to create safe, loving, and resourced communities in a by us for us model.  

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Collecting confidential community records of hate/bias-motivated violence through online submissions.  


Regular community gatherings for survivors, concerned community members, organizers to come together to listen to each other's experiences, providing validation and peer supports to break up the stifling effects of isolation in the wake of hate violence.  

Opportunities for skill sharing ways to protect ourselves from violence by and for community.

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Providing emotional supports, resources, and referrals to support needs of survivors of hate/bias-motivated violence and harassment.